Director, Producer

Capturing the spirit of the Icebergers club was, for me, an absolute once in a lifetime experience. I was surrounded and greatly assisted by incredible people, from both the cast & crew. Words cannot describe the process of Producing & Directing a documentary that is so close to one's heart, but seeing the final product be as close to what I had imagined is very humbling. 

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Director of Photography, Editor

Icebergers was a great experience for me. We wanted to strike a tone that mirrored the people themselves: Part stoic and part whimsical. The Icebergers perform an amazing feat of determination and physical prowess every single day at dawn and yet, they are the most charming bunch you would ever have the pleasure to meet. As DOP, my challenge was how to capture them in this way. Drawing inspiration from Wes Anderson and Emmanuel Lubzeki, I attempted to develop a visual style that complemented the symmetry and wide expanse of the bay and I am thrilled with the result.



Sound Recordist, Sound Design

Icebergers was an amazing shoot with a great crew and a whacky, eclectic cast of characters. During the shoot, I was in constant awe of what they get up and do each morning. Their grit and determination affected our attitude on the set. My role as the sound designer meant I had the task of capturing the hectic nature of each swim but also the charismatic and caring demeanour they had. I took inspiration from surf documentary’s soundscapes and attempted to record and use as many ocean sound effects as well as swimmer sound effects to create a realistic atmosphere in the
film. I’m amazed by how much the sound design affected the final product and am in awe of what we as a team have created.





The spiritual leader of one of the many sub-groups in the club, Ian is a core personality and an unelected figurehead. He has been swimming his whole life and places high importance on his physical and mental health.


Over 90 years of age, Douglas is often the first one to arrive and swim every day at 5:30 am. Dougie plays a vital role in the club, taking the air & water temperature every morning so the other members know what they are getting into.


An absolute gun of a swimmer, Mel discusses at length all of the benefits the swimming has brought to herself and others, such as the meditative aspects of the swims, the benefits of a bay over a regular pool and the incredible social group that has formed around it.


Jones' qualification as a doctor allows him to say with certainty that there is no proven evidence that cold water swimming is good for you, as such, the benefits come from other places, such as the special friendships made through the club.